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Satellite TV Portable Dishes

If you are looking for a portable satellite dish to take with you on short or long trips, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you will need a subscription with a satellite TV provider and secondly, you need the satellite hardware. It is not possible to use your current home satellite TV subscription for your portable unit unless your provider allows an add-on mobile satellite plan. Otherwise, you will have to sign up for a new satellite service. Portable satellite dishes need to constantly scan the sky for a satellite sign and when traveling, your location coordinates are always changing. Your options for these types of satellite dishes are between a mounted antenna and a portable antenna.

Mounted versus Portable

Prices, capabilities, and installation differ between mounted and portable. If you are going on long, extended trips or live in an RV, it is recommended to go for a mounted antenna that can be permanently fixed to the roof of the vehicle. But if you need satellite access for short or seasonal trips, a portable antenna is the more affordable option.


If you need a Bell or DIRECTV portable dish, the Winegard Carry Out G3 is for you. Designed to be roof mounted, it has an automatic signal acquisition, so no manual interference is needed to find a satellite. It can lock onto satellites over the USA and Canada and provides quality satellite TV viewing. The Winegard coax outputs support two receivers for two TVs. Mounting brackets are sold separately and it is compatible with the TR-1518 Tripod Mount and the RK-4000 Roof Mount Kit. The tripod allows using the Winegard antenna off the ground if it is not mounted to a roof.

Network Compatibility

Compatible to work as a DIRECTV portable satellite dish, it can also be used with DISH and Bell. High-definition programming is available with DISH and Bell TV and requires an HDTV and HD receiver. It is not a portable DIRECTV HD dish and not compatible with Shaw Direct.

King Quest

Suitable for your RV when traveling, or for your log cabin out in the woods. The King Quest portable unit can be roof mounted and comes with the automatic satellite acquisition and supports two receivers. Designed for in-motion viewing, the quality of connection is reliable with this high-performance terminal that is robust and compact.

Network Compatibility

The King Quest antenna specifically works with Bell TV satellites for HD and SD viewing. It can be easily configured to work with DISH if traveling through the USA and would then require the DISH Pay-As-You-Go monthly service without needing a long-term contract.

Camping Combos

The camping combos for portable satellite dishes are convenient and easy to set up outside whenever you stop along your journey. These combos come with a heavy tripod, LNB, and varying accessories depending on the unit purchased. Different dishes are configured for standard and high definition viewing and compatible with Bell TV, Telus Satellite TV, or Shaw Direct.

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