Vehicular Inmarsat BGAN Terminals

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Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) provides a satellite network infrastructure globally along with telephony services using portable terminals. These devices allow computers to connect for broadband Internet access from remote locations where a line of sight can be maintained to a satellite in the sky.

Vehicular satellite terminals like the Inmarsat BGAN Explorer and Hughes models are light weight, compact and easily portable by mounting them on the roof of any vehicle. While being constantly mobile, the BGAN terminals allow you to maintain a high-quality connection for uninterrupted voice and data communication.

BGAN Services

Inmarsat’s network uses geostationary satellites to provide global coverage, excluding the polar regions. The Earth’s geostationary orbit is over 35 000 kilometers above the equator.

The BGAN service allows remote users to stay connected from anywhere in the world. By connecting BGAN terminals to this satellite network, you can use Internet and email services facilitated by protocols like SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and HTTP.

BGAN Terminals

Inmarsat BGAN terminals come in different brands that are compatible with the Inmarsat satellite network. These devices are for communication-on-the-go to keep you connected for live broadcasts, humanitarian operations or work accessibility. Whatever your communication needs are, BGAN terminals are the best options for durability and dependability.

With the antenna mounted to the vehicle’s roof, you can connect your computer and IP handset to the BGAN terminal. BGAN provides mobile broadband connectivity via satellite without the roaming fees.

Inmarsat BGAN pricing ranges anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to $20k or more, depending on your connectivity and usage requirements.


High performance models like the Cobham BGAN Explorer 727 Desert Sand Antenna and the Cobham BGAN Explorer 325 offer extensive connectivity hubs that can be attached to vehicles. As a high-speed, vehicular broadband system, the Explorer terminals come with a transceiver, IP handset and a roof mountable antenna.


The Harris BGAN models offer beyond-line-of-sight tactical communications for critical connectivity. Designed for military operations to withstand harsh conditions and compatible with the Falcon multiband radios, the Harris model offers secure data transfer and reliable high-speed IP communications.


The Hughes range of BGAN terminals provide L- and S- band mobile satellite systems (MSS) that are light and compact and ideal for mounting to vehicles to keep you connected from any remote location.


The Wideye Safari terminals enable L-Band BGAN accessibility that do a full rotation within 6 seconds for fast signal acquisition and retention. These units are ideal for vehicle mounting and designed for robust use and transport that can tolerate wind loading of up to 210 km per hour.


The BGAN terminals offer an IP handset that delivers Push-To-Talk functionality for a comprehensive voice dispatch and communication system. The handset is built for rugged use to suit any extreme and harsh environments. It offers a cost-effective solution for Internet Protocol-based voice and data communication. These modern devices effectively replace the VHF and UHF-based radio systems used in various industries for emergencies, search and rescue or standard work-related enterprise use.

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