Iridium Certus® introduces a new midband service class to the market, allowing underserved markets access to the proven high-quality, low-latency Iridium® network. New satellite IoT applications taking advantage of new Iridium Certus® services will provide high-speed data communications to maximize efficiencies and enable reliable connectivity anywhere on the planet.

These devices support only Short Burst Data for M2M services and do not use a SIM card.

Iridium 9601 — Supports only SBD, several tracking devices and other products have been built around this modem. It was an Iridium manufactured product designed as an OEM module for integration into applications that only use the Iridium Short Burst Data Service. Short Burst Data applications are supported through an RS-232 interface. Examples of these solutions include maritime vessel tracking or automatic vehicle tracking.
Iridium 9602 — Smaller, cheaper version of 9601 (released in 2010).
Iridium 9603 — One-fourth the volume and half the footprint of 9602 (32x30x8 mm)

Standalone transceiver units
These can be used for data-logging applications in remote areas, now a common practical use for Iridium's services. Some types of buoys, such as those used for the tsunami warning system, use Iridium satellites to communicate with their base. The remote device is programmed to call or send SBD (Short burst data, see below) messages to the base at specified intervals, or it can be set to accept calls in order for it to offload its collected data. Most of these units can be connected to a handset and used as a fixed telephone.

The following transceivers have been released over the years:

Iridium Core 9523 — Similar to the 9522B, a modular transceiver released in 2012, designed to be an embedded solution.
Iridium 9522B — A transceiver released in late 2008, is smaller than the 9522A and has similar features.
Iridium 9522A — Based on the 9522, some variants have built in GPS and autonomous reporting functions. Supports SBD.
Motorola 9522 — Last Motorola transceiver, supports outgoing SMS but no SBD.
Motorola 9520 — Original transceiver module, does not support outgoing SMS or SBD. Designed for use in vehicles with accompanying handset

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