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Thuraya’s network provides an infrastructure for communications via satellite using handheld phones and IP terminals like the Thuraya Orion IP for voice and data services. It provides a 60 kbit/s downlink and 15 kbit/s uplink GMPRS data service on the sat phones and a 444 kbit/s high-speed data transfer on the Thuraya IP terminals.

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The Thuraya satellite network covers 161 countries and transmits and receives signals using Ku and L-band frequencies. Thuraya has rugged and compact wireless terminals with options to include handsets.

Thuraya IP Marine Terminals

Thuraya has designed IP terminals specific to the maritime industry to provide communications for merchant shipping, fishing, navy, coast guard and leisure users. The marine units deliver services to cover some of the world’s busiest ports and shipping lanes.

Thuraya Atlas IP

Thuraya Atlas IP is specifically designed to deliver added value to end-users seeking enhanced connectivity and greater operational efficiency on board ships.

Thuraya Orion IP

The Thuraya Orion IP is a maritime broadband terminal that is small and lightweight for crews needing a simple IP connection.

Thuraya SeaStar

Thuraya’s SeaStar option is suitable for small or large vessels offering voice, SMS, data, and tracking features, and it is based on Android operating systems.

Thuraya Navisat

Suited to small and medium vessels, this Thuraya IP terminal provides reliable and clear voice connectivity. The omnidirectional antenna does not require coaxial cables so it makes the Navisat an easy, practical installation for onboard operations.

Thuraya SF2500

The SF2500 is a unique voice satellite terminal that allows you to establish reliable communication links for satellite voice calls to normal PSTN phones, mobile and satellite phones. It is equipped with a built-in GPS tracking system and alerting capability for swift emergency responses.

Thuraya IP Land Terminals

Thuraya helps reach rural and remote environments through fixed, portable, and vehicle terminals. Accessories such as the Thuraya IP external antennas, battery packs, and travel chargers are essential components to enhance satellite signals while keeping your IP terminal powered up.

Thuraya WE Satellite Hotspot

The Thuraya WE is a hotspot device offering dual mode capability with satellite and LTE broadband data services allowing adaptability when traveling in and out of terrestrial coverage.

Thuraya+ Hughes IP Broadband Satellite Modem

The Thuraya IP+ Hughes portable terminal delivers satellite broadband and configuration for asymmetric streaming so you can set upload and download speeds based on your usage needs.

Thuraya IP Commander

The IP Commander is a robust satellite broadband terminal purpose-built for vehicles. It has MIL-SPEC connectors and comes with a voice handset that supports IP broadband speeds up to 444kbps while on the go.

Thuraya IP Voyager

Thuraya IP Voyager is a high-quality vehicular satellite terminal designed for a wide range of mission-critical operations such as border patrol, defense, and disaster response in areas inadequately served by terrestrial networks.

Thuraya MCD Voyager

Operates while stationary or on the move for operations that require rapid response. Easy to install, simple place the Thuraya MCD Voyager under an open sky and switch it on.

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