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How much does it cost to rent a satellite phone?
Our basic rental rate is $69 for the first week and $59 for all additional weeks. Discounts and free shipping are offered on all multi month rentals.
Airtime Rates
We offer 2 geographical airtime options, Global or Canada + Alaska
Global - $1.69/ minute, $0.85/ outgoing text message. No restrictions, complete global coverage. Phone can be used anywhere on earth.

Canada / Alaska - $1.29/ minute, $0.65/ outgoing text message. All calls must be made from within Canada / Alaska. Calls can be made to anywhere in the world. Phone will NOT work outside of Canada / Alaska.

We offer discount for prepaid airtime blocks ranging from 10-1000 minutes. If the phone is to be used for emergency purposes, you can make calls at our low airtime rates. If you know you are going to be using the phone, we recommend purchasing discounted airtime blocks. Pre purchased airtime is non refundable, however, unused minutes can be applied to any future rentals.
Do I have to purchase minutes in advance or is it pay as you go?
Pre-purchase of minutes is not necessary. All phones are tested and ready for use. You only pay for what you use (Canada / Alaska $1.29/ minute, Global $1.69/ minute). We do offer minute bundles if you are anticipating moderate to high usage.

If purchased in advance, are minutes returnable if not used?
Unused prepaid minutes are not refundable. You can apply any unused minutes towards future rentals within 6 months of the original rental start date.
How much are SMS Text Messages?
Incoming SMS messages are free. They are billed to the person texting you, or free to send and receive at messaging.­iridium.­com. To reply to a text message, it costs 1/2 minute rate. (Canada / Alaska $0.65/ message, Global $0.85/ message).
1. The ‘+’ symbol appears on the display automatically as the lead character. If the ‘+’ does not appear hold the‘0’ key until it appears then dial your number beginning with the country code then the number.
2. Press the green button to execute your call.
Example: To call (403) 918-6300, a number in North America, dial +1 403 918 6300 and press the green button on your phone.
Answering Calls
To answer a call, press the left soft key.

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