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Bell TV Portable Dishes

A portable satellite dish is very different to the satellite dish installed in your home. The portability feature means it is designed to be used while on the road. You can either mount a portable dish antenna to your RV or trailer, or you can have a satellite dish that can be easily carried out and set up on a tripod. When looking to buy a portable sat dish, there are few things to consider based on your TV viewing needs. Maybe automatic tracking is a priority to save you the setup time, or maybe your budget is limited, in which case the type of portable sat dish will differ.

What is Automatic Satellite Tracking

A portable satellite dish can be automatic or manual. Automatic means the satellite dish can automatically locate a satellite with the strongest signal, and these tend to come with a heavier price tag. A manual dish requires you to set it up and manually aim and locate the satellite signal yourself, but is more cost-effective.

Automatic Portable Dishes

Automatic portable dish antennas are dome-shaped and securely mounted to the roof of your vehicle. The round cover protects the antenna from wind and other external interferences. You only need to set it up once and no extra storage is needed.

King Quest

KING QUEST Carry Out Satellite for Bell TV is interchangeable between DISH, DIRECTV SD, and Bell providers when traveling between Canada and the USA. You will need the relevant satellite TV subscriptions to run these services. It does not support DIRECTV HD programming. Weighing only 3.7kg, the antenna is compact and a light addition to your vehicle. It offers automatic satellite acquisition and can only be used when stationary, but saves you the setup hassle every time you stop.


Compatible to receive DIRECTV, DISH and Bell TV programming, the Winegard antenna comes in a black or white color option and can be mounted to your vehicle. With a sleek design, this unit weighs 3.2kg and includes a power inserter so you don’t need a separate power cable. It supports two receivers and you can switch between providers with a touch of a button.

Manual TV Dishes

Canada Satellite has several manual portable satellite dishes for sale packaged in different camping combo bundles. With manual portable satellite dishes, they need to be set up when you stop, and it may take some time to find the strongest satellite signal. However, they are affordable options to access satellite TV while taking long road trips or vacations in remote areas. Things to consider include choosing a strong tripod for stability and having storage space in your vehicle when it’s time to pack and go.

Camping Combos

The Bell portable satellite dish has basic combo kits for Standard Definition viewing and separate kits for High Definition. All camping combos come with a traditional satellite dish, a dual LNB, a tripod, RG6 coaxial cable, and a signal finder. 

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