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Various antennas are available for Bell, Shaw Direct, and mobile DISH network for RVs to access satellite TV and vehicle-mounted and ground deployed systems offer access to video, voice, IP and data services from any location.


There are a variety of options for a mobile dish for RV satellite TV. Automatic portable dish antennas can be dome-shaped or come as a satellite dish securely mounted to the roof of your vehicle. You only need to set it up once and no extra storage is needed.

Camping Combos

The Directv HD TV satellite dish tripod kit for RV mobile solutions come in bundles that include a traditional satellite dish, a tripod, RG6 coaxial cable, and a signal finder. The camping combos are convenient and easy to setup outside the RV.

King Quest

The King Quest satellite antenna range offers an in-motion antenna fixed to the roof and the Carry Out Satellite for Bell TV is interchangeable between Bell and Telus providers when traveling between Canada and the USA. You will need the relevant satellite TV subscriptions to run these services.

The Carry Out unit offers automatic satellite acquisition and can only be used when stationary, but saves you the setup hassle every time you stop. The in-motion terminals are designed for in-motion viewing, the quality of connection is reliable with this high-performance terminal that is robust and compact.


Compatible to receive DIRECTV, DISH and Bell TV programming, the Winegard mobile RV satellite dish antennas come in a black or white and can be mounted to your vehicle or used as a carry out terminal deployed on a tripod on the ground.  Winegard antennas offer automatic signal acquisition, so no manual configuration is needed to find a satellite.

Mounting brackets are sold separately and allow using the Winegard antenna off the ground if it is not mounted to a roof.

RV Internet

Winegard offers an extensive choice in superior Internet products that deliver high capacity at high-speeds in remote areas where cellular networks are unreliable. Winegard satellite Internet products are reliable and rugged, and are compatible with different network providers.

Internet Systems

Winegard and DataSat have antenna systems designed to access internet services while attached to the roof of the RV. The VSAT Internet systems are available in the .98 meter and 1.2 meter two-way auto-deploy Ku-Band satellite Internet system.

Designed for portability, these systems have a low stow height for roof mounting on any vehicle. The mount antenna system meets Mil-spec standards and offers a high performance broadband solution.

Wi-Fi Extenders

Winegard Wi-Fi devices are fast and secure keeping smartphones and mobile devices connected to a reliable Internet service with extended coverage. Wi-Fi extenders are easily installed to scan and connect to authenticated Wi-Fi signals, which are then broadcast to the devices in range.

The Winegard Connect extenders are ideal for use in RVs. It is an integrated system delivering fast speeds and increased range from Wi-Fi sources. The device links to nationwide 4G LTE for uninterrupted, in-motion or stationary coverage.

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