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DirecTV Satellite Solutions

If you’re sailing around the Americas and want access to satellite Internet and TV, the range of Direct TV solutions will give you the added convenience and reliability to access satellite communications. Units like the KVH TracVision series are versatile options designed to fit vessels of any size.

Satellite Fleet

A fleet of 12 geostationary satellites by AT&T are used for DirecTV satellite television viewing and provide full coverage across North America. With a DirecTV subscription and compatible antenna, you can enjoy quality content while on the move.


Stay connected using a range of satellite communication systems for business-critical operations or leisurely applications. Intellian offers some of the best antenna solutions that can be used for any purpose and any location. The Intellian i2 price is affordable for any sized vessels and provides superior satellite TV reception.

Intellian’s i-Series has different antennas ranging from 33cm to 85cm and provide High Definition viewing and iQ2 technology. This is Intellian’s wide range search and dynamic beam tilting for rapid signal tracking while reducing noise to improve connectivity. The Intellian i3 is a mid-range solution with a 37cm reflector diameter. This is perfect for boats bigger than 8m (25ft) and has a built-in GPS to support satellite acquisition.

The range of versatile and reliable 2-axis marine satellite TV antennas are for the smaller boats to enjoy a great viewing experience at sea. For larger vessels, Intellian offers solutions in the i2, i3, i4, i5, i6, and i9 systems.

Intellian’s t-Series antennas are designed for bigger vessels that go offshore, and will suit superyachts and commercial ships. These systems have a 3-axis stabilized design for operations around the world. Intellian also offers military spec solutions for secure, mission critical applications.

Replacement domes and installation kits are available for different models that include a wide selection of parts and tools in a convenient case for transport and storage.

KVH TracVision

KVH TracVision offers mobile satellite TV systems for a range of industries to bring you the ultimate viewing experience everywhere you travel. Suitable for leisure purposes, maritime, commercial, government, and vehicle use, these products are state-of-the-art designed for all climates.

The KVH TracVision HD7 is part of the HD series and has a 60cm antenna that supports HD viewing for DirecTV as well as built-in support for both DISH and Bell TV subscribers. It uses advanced multi-satellite tracking technology with the best stability when crossing rough seas.

The TV-series products include the KVH TracVision TV1, TV3, TV5, and TV6 models for coastal cruising and are ideal for boats 20-50 feet in size and easy to install. Vessels larger than 50 feet will get the best from the TV10 and TV8 models.


The Winegard Trav’ler antenna system is designed for permanent installation on a RV. It offers auto deployment and stowing features and can be mounted to the roof of your vehicle to support up to four receivers and requires a DirecTV subscription.

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