Iridium 9575 Extreme Docking Stations

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A satellite docking station is a high-tech accessory that extends the functionality and features of your satellite phone. Models like the ASE 9575 extreme docking station are simple to use indoors and outdoors. Simply place the Iridium phone in the docking station to access satellite communications with standard analog phone sets or your company’s PABX system. When it’s to be on the move, just un-dock the handset and take it with you.

How Docking Stations Work

An Iridium 9575 extreme docking station uses a coaxial cable to connect to an outdoor antenna to maintain a reliable line-of-sight satellite connection. Docking stations also charge the handset while it’s docked.

Docking Station Models

The Iridium Extreme docking station comes in various configurations and models with several functionalities that can include loudspeaker mode or privacy mode, a noise-canceling microphone, Bluetooth integration, SOS features or Wi-Fi capabilities.

ASE Docking Stations

Applied Satellite Engineering (ASE) manufactures Iridium Extreme docking stations for the Iridium 9575 sat phone. The docking stations can be used inside a vehicle or remote office environment. The ASE 9575 Docking Station goes through several stages of system-checks and network registrations before it is ready for use. You can follow the progress by monitoring your 9575 handset, the docking station icon indicators. 

Features include SmartDial technology to simplify satellite dialing, and the PBX to RJ-11 interface with the 9575 sat phone. Calls can easily be answered using an Intelligent Privacy mode, PTT or speaker, microphone mode. The dock station expands the handset capabilities and GPS signals with access to all ports and buttons while the phone is docked.

Beam Docking Stations

Beam has several Extreme docking stations that support the RJ11 connection, Bluetooth and tracking and alert features. It can interface with your PABX system to offer complex capabilities for your remote office. The Iridium Extreme handset is securely cradled in the docking station with easy undocking. 

Quality features include the SOS emergency, inbuilt GPS coupling capability, phone charging, and data connections. Suitable for use on land or on sea for business, recreation, or emergency services. Data, Internet, SMS, fax, and voice calling functions are easily accessible through a USB connector or hands-free Bluetooth interface.

SatStation Docking Stations

SatStation docking stations offer Iridium sat phone users the flexibility of using their handset outdoors, indoors, on board or below decks.  Designed with a loud ringer and speakers, with noise-canceling microphones makes the SatStation dock an ideal choice for noisy environments. 

Sleek and compact, it offers emergency SOS integration, to maximize safety. The dock also provides power to the handset and includes an automatic stereo muting feature. It has a car ignition connection for those who need a vehicular solution, but it can be used in buildings, at sea, or in the air and offers hands-free voice communication.  A privacy handset is included for voice calls. The background noise filter technology provides high quality satellite communication in any environment. It comes with a 10 watt speaker, microphone, and power and adapter cables.

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