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An extensive catalog of satellite phone accessories are available for Thuraya, Iridium, Inmarsat, and Globalstar satellite handsets. Investing in extra components will help you get the most out of your satellite device by ensuring you are never without power while harnessing extended functionality for maximum convenience.


Types of Accessories

The selection of satellite phone accessories that can be purchased separately include:


  • Car, solar, and external chargers

  • Fixed and vehicle docking stations

  • Portable and mounted external antennas

  • Phone cases and holsters

  • Hotspot terminals

  • Sat phone batteries


Compatible Handset Accessories

Every satellite service provider manufactures devices and compatible accessories for specific satellite networks.



Thuraya satellite phone accessories include a range of spare batteries for the Thuraya XT, XT Lite, and XT Dual handsets as well as heavy duty batteries for the older SG-2510 and SG-2520 model phones. SatStation offers a single and multiple battery charger for the XT and XT Dual to charge up one or four batteries at the same time.

Hands-free car kits and fixed docking stations are also provided for most of the Thuraya sat phones with Bluetooth connectivity and PABX capabilities. The Thuraya XT Hotspot is a pocket-sized router that creates a Wi-Fi zone of up to 30 meters for multiple users to access the Internet from the latest Thuraya phones.



Certified Iridium satellite phone accessories have several docking stations such as the PotsDock, SatDock, and Extreme docking stations compatible with 9555 and 9575 handsets that can be installed as fixed or vehicular units. Functionalities include an integrated Bluetooth connection, RJ11/POTS interface, and inbuilt tracking and SOS. Iridium and Iridium BEAM external antennas are also available for various Iridium handsets, which are compact for easy portability and mounting with permanent or magnetic fixtures.

High-capacity lithium ion batteries are available for the Iridium 9500, 9505, 9505A, 9555, and 9575 satellite phones for extended power and backup situations. It is advisable to purchase a solar or external battery chargers, or an automobile accessory to keep the sat phone and batteries powered up.



Inmarsat accessories offer cable kits, chargers, and a broad selection docking stations and external antennas that provide reliable and seamless communication. Various Beam docking stations are compatible with the IsatPhone PRO and IsatPhone 2 phones, which are convenient and easy-to-use in your car, office or boat for flexible and continuous satellite services.

The IsatDock range comes with Bluetooth for hands-free communication and the IsatDock2 docking stations include an external Oceana antenna and IP54 rated and specially designed for maritime application. The RedPort Optimizers are terminals that connect to an external satellite antenna to manage sat phone usage and access through firewall and traffic filtering capabilities.


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