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IBM estimates that IoT smart farming will enable farmers to increase food production by 70 percent by the year 2050.

"Smart farming" is an emerging concept that refers to managing farms using technologies like IoT, robotics, drones and AI to increase the quantity and quality of products while optimizing the human labor required by production.

Agriculture Production Solutions - Increase yield ands reduce loss
Cereal crop loss to disease, pest and severe weather have a grave impact. Similarly, livestock are impacted by disease, digestive and other health issues, even predators.

Agriculture Storage Solutions
Approximately one third of the food produced (about 1.3 billion tons) worth about US$1 trillion, is lost globally during post harvest operations every year. Not everything can be prevented, but our smart farming solutions will help you cut your losses.

Supply ChainGlobal Supply Chain Solutions
Food Security is impacted by the global supply chain and the losses. Nearly 33% of our food is lost in the supply chain.  Our solutions can monitor temperature, humidity and vehicle behavior via cellular and satellite. We can monitor vehicles, ships, trains and even planes anywhere in the world. If something violates a preset rule, a notification is sent immediately, with location specific information.

Livestock Monitoring
Track your livestock, get early indicators of health, calving activity, body temperature, hydration and activity level.

Crop and Soil Monitoring
Monitor soil for moisture, oxygen, nutrients and tension and you can also monitor for common plant disease and pests.

Storage Monitoring
Monitor any type of tank; fuel, water and milk. We also have solutions for monitoring silo humidity and other conditions that can lead to waste.

Equipment Monitoring
Know where your equipment is, monitor maintenance schedules and detect issues such as roll over, or overdue equipment.

Weather MonitoringWeather Monitoring
Weather monitoring plays an important part in making decisions such as irrigation and others. Imagine having a weather station right on your farm, feeding data to our analytics engine and comparing it to sensor data, giving you the best information possible.

Farm Safety
Keeping you and your team safe from harm with lone worker solutions, gas detection systems and emergency procedures for hazardous material incidents. Creating geofences to keep your livestock and equipment on your farm. We also have beehive tamper and theft solutions.

Portal and Mobile
The agri-space system provides you with all of the critical information you need from your computer, notebook or mobile device. Our system is delivered via a secure cloud-based system from your farm direct to you. You are the only one that can make the decisions, so we give you all of the valuable information you could need.

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